****What to expect with using IPTV****

What to expect with using IPTV


First off lets get this out of the way... IPTV is NOT PERFECT.

If you want perfect streaming its best you stick with Cable or Satellite as your main option for a TV provider .


We use internet links and there may be times that a link may be down or having some type of connection issue.

We do try to get any issue resolved as soon as possible but there are times that things are out of our control and we have to wait for the channel source to fix the issue.


Internet Speeds - Streaming quality is also dependent on you the customer and the quality of your devices and internet speeds.

We recommend at minimum at least 100 MBPS but it is best to get the fastest option your internet company provides.

Most ISP's are moving to Fiber lines and should be able to offer 300 MBPS up to 2 Gig speeds in some areas so the better the internet speeds you have the better your streaming experience you will have.


Devices - When it comes to devices we do not recommend using an Amazon Firestick... although YES they will work with our service its just not a high quality device to use when trying to transfer live streaming data. 


See this link for recommended devices to usehttps://www.cobraservers.com/billing/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/51/Compatible-Devices-.html


Channels - We do not guarantee any specific channel as links care not always avalible. We do provide everything we can get access to and try our best to keep them online at all times.

If a specific channel is not working or having issues we ask that you look for something else to watch until we can get this channel working again.


Locals - Local channels are an added bonus. We only get access to about 20% of the locals in the USA but even us getting access to these locals does not mean they will be stable all the time.

Its best that you get a digital antenna if you want to ensure you have your local channels.


Buffering - Buffering can occur and it can be caused by a handful of things.... Slow internet speeds, low quality streaming boxes, outdated routers, etc.  It also could just be a channel has an issue that no matter your side of things its still going to buffer or have skipping or audio issues at times. This is to be expected as explained above IPTV is not perfect. We are always monitoring and fixing issues but at times we have to wait for a source update to get a specific channel fixed.


TV Guide (EPG) - The guide is not perfect... Some channels have information and others do not. Not all channels that do offer information will be correct even though it says what is playing it could be incorrect. If you see your channel does not have guide info or it seems to be incorrect it may be best to look at downloading a TV Guide app to your phone as a back up so you can quickly check to see what is playing. 


Server Uptime- We pride ourselves on having 99.999% uptime on our servers. That means you should expect to have access to our streaming server at any given time. That does not mean your specific channel will always be working but we do have multiple channels avalible for you to find something to watch. We have 19 different servers on 7  hosting sites to ensure not all channels can have issues if one server goes down. If one server or section has an issue other sections should be fine as they are independent of each other to ensure you can still access streaming when you want to watch something.

If your service is not working please first check our Telegram chat as we post announcements about any server issues there first  - Telegram Chat link: 



TECH SUPPORT - We do offer Tech Support if you have issues but we do also ask that you first check the Knowledgebase page as most questions can be answered there and no ticket would be needed. We do try to get all tickets answered withing 3-5 hours during office hours but the fastest way to get your questions answered is by visiting this link :  https://www.cobraservers.com/billing/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/1/Setup-Guide


VOD - We DO NOT offer VOD (Video on Demand) Movies and Series sections are not included with our service. We do not offer that content as it is recorded content and gets services shut down so we avoid that content.


We recommend you have a back up service!  - Yes we encourage you to have a second option for IPTV service... IPTV is not 100% perfect and servers can go down or channels may have issues its best to have another option so you can hopefully still stream when you want. We do not have any any specific service as a back up that we offer or will point you to but please do your due diligence and find a second option to have just in case as this will help your peace of mind knowing you have another option to try if a channel is down or the entire service has an issue. 


Hopefully you understand what to expect with using IPTV and what types of issues or expectations come from using a  IPTV service.

There is a reason IPTV is so much cheaper than Cable but with that also comes some annoyances that we want to make sure you are aware of. 

We hope you will see the value in our service and also the 75%+ cost savings versus paying for cable is worth having IPTV as an option for your TV entertainment.


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