Payment Options

We offer the below options for paying for service...


Recurring Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).


All Credit Card purchases are on Automatic Renewal

Please look for your invoice to come 5 days prior to expiration date you can then pay your invoice 

If you wish to turn off Auto Pay please open a ticket requesting us to turn off the auto pay and you can then just pay the monthly invoice when we send them out. 



We can also offer CashApp or Zelle as Payment Options (Upon Request)  - If you want one of these options please open a Support Ticket and specify which option you want to pay your invoice with and we will change invoice to be either CashApp or Zelle)

If you do use CashApp and Zelle - Make sure you follow the instructions on the Invoice and make sure you add the Payment Memo to ensure payment is recognized in our automated system. Without that memo we have no way of knowing who the payment came from and your invoice will not be marked as paid.

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